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Service Offerings

The use of RPAS (UAV’s) for image collection with regards to vegetation stress management, infrastructure and contour planning, as well as wetland health assessment is at the cutting edge of Precision Farming and Environmental planning and monitoring.

The use of RPAS (UAV’s) for image collection with regards to planning and management of infrastructure, safety, production and rehabilitation as well as wetland health assessment, is at the forefront of the Mining and Engineering sectors



You book dates you want your field imaged.


A team, including a licensed pilot, is sent to collect data with a registered RPAS (UAV) by flying over your property.*


Your data is processed as soon as the upload is completed and outputs are usually available within 24 hours after the upload.


A link to the Atlas cloud viewer will be provided to access multi-spectral data processed on Atlas.


A link to a cloud storage facility will be provided for all other data deliverables processed with Pix4D.


As a fully licensed operator, Gillcor has comprehensive insurance.

We manufacture and use the JAG-M type aircraft, which reduces our downtime.